Over the weekend, many Pirates attended Pirate Congress 2013, and all in all, it went swimmingly. As is tradition, we started two hours late due to technical difficulties, but we managed to get through the mammoth 47 page booklet on time over the two days, covering 18 constitutional amendment proposals and 20 policy amendment proposals.

I am so happy that all of the constitutional amendments proposed passed with some minor amendments. Only one policy was defeated on the floor, and that was the copyright extension proposal. I am very happy that this amendment was dropped on the floor, as there was insufficient evidence to support an extension period being necessary for a copyright term.

Two policy amendments were committed to the PDC for consideration and development as they were not of sufficient quality to be adopted outright, and our members did a great job ensuring major policy proposals were internally consistent.

I thank the members who attended. Without you, Congress would not have been as successful or as rewarding as it was this year. I look forward to Congress being in the warmth next year, as it will be hosted in Brisbane. 😀