There have been some questions about the Pirate Party on Twitter lately, so I thought I’d sit down for 5 minutes before my next meeting and write down some personal perspectives on these questions and hopefully go some way to answering them.

After reports that Disney was pressing for a copyright term extension at the recent stakeholder briefing in Singapore for the TPP, I emailed DFAT in order to get their position on this matter.

In their response, they claim that they will not support provisions that would extend copyright terms in Australia, but would support clauses that serve to reinforce Australia’s current position on copyright term.

While it’s great that DFAT claim they aren’t intending to support an extension of copyright term at this time, I’m disappointed—but not surprised—that they would choose to vertically integrate the current copyright term in yet another treaty.

I have emailed DFAT’s TPP enquiries email address regarding the statements going around on Twitter that Disney is asking for yet another copyright term extension. Just a little bit of deja vu.

The content of the email can be found below. I will update this as soon as I get a response.