My freedom of information request entitled “Documents relating to data retention proposals” was recently fulfilled. Documents are attached at bottom.

Media coverage of this was fairly good:

Considering the depth at which these articles go to explain the information herein, I won’t waffle on. Instead, I’ll discuss what I’m going to do next.


As this is going to be a pretty long blog post, I thought I’d summarise it up front:

  • National Classification Database and Refused Classification Reports:
    • Phase 1 (database) received. Phase 2: heavily redacted under dubious legal provisions
  • Documents relating to data retention proposals:
    • Missed deadline, skipped internal review, requested extension from OAIC, missed deadline from OAIC, still waiting on outcome.
  • Intellectual property legislation changes as a result of trade agreements/treaties:
    • Waited 60 days to be told that there are no documents relating to TPP, MAFTA or AJFTA, and they won’t give me the documents for ACTA. Rejected.
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement:
    • They won’t give me the text, and they still haven’t helped me define scope after more than a month.

A summary of the summary: freedom of information in Australia seems pretty broken.

Any documents regarding each item are attached at the bottom of the section for that item.