As some of you may be aware, the requirements for registering a political party in NSW are a little higher than most other places. We need 750 members and $2000 to register a party here.

For comparison, QLD and VIC need 500 members, both with lower costs, and ACT only needs 100 and it’s free. Federally, we needed 500 members and $500. It’s cheaper and easier to register a federal political party than it is to register a NSW party.

When I recently suspected that due to the AGD missing a deadline on an FOI request that it had been deemed refused, I contacted the OAIC to get some clarity on the situation. The email can be found below.

Happy new year, everyone! I had a Freedom of Information Request that had an extension period that expired on December 31, 2012, so I sent an email to the AGD along the lines of “please explain”.

To be honest, I expected a little more of a response than absolutely ignoring the major issues of a Government department not following the Freedom of Information Act at all, but alas, here it is in its full glory: